Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Binders for Organized Data!

So here's my take...

     Spring Break is here and so are 3rd quarter report cards! The skills section use to take me forever to fill out. Now, I keep a binder (Dots, Desks, & Homework) to help me collect information on behavior, organization, and homework. It is also a great tool at parent/teacher conferences.

     The binder has three sections and each one is a class job. The best part is that students collect the data for me! Yeah! 

     The first section is for behavior. I know a lot of teachers use Rick Morris' Clip Chart system and so do I. If you haven't checked out his FREE ebook you must! I have been fortunate to go to a conference to see him and he has a lot of great ideas! 

     At the end of the day students record the color they landed on in their agenda. It goes home each day for parents to see. The "Dot Manager" then records where everyone landed in the binder!

     The second section is for organization. The desk inspector checks student desks during snack time. He/She records a check for clean and an X for a mess.

     The last section is to check homework. Our VIP (Very Important Person) makes sure students have completed their work. I follow behind the VIP to check for understanding. The VIP records a check if everything is complete or writes what is missing. Work that was recorded during the week as missing must be made up at study hall on Fridays.

     I can't remember where I downloaded this adorable cute frame for my binder cover. Please tell me if you know!

    If you have a great way to organize data for report card time, please share by leaving a comment below! 

Happy Spring Break!


Heather said...

I love this idea! I'm pinning it!

Nancy C said...

I love the idea of students collecting the data for themselves. Not only do they get feedback, but they see that behavior and organization is important. Thanks for sharing.

3TeacherChicks-Amy Hoffmann said...

What a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing! It is always so much work to get report cards done with all those indicators of success! Thanks again!
3 Teacher Chicks

Laura said...

Love your binder cover!! And I use the clip chart and it is the best way for students to visualize themselves clipping up and clipping down and making good choices :)

Marcia said...

Love the idea. I have conferences in two weeks.
I am tagging you. Stop by my blog for the rules. I am interested in your responses.
Learning in Bliss

Adrienne said...

Great Blog! I am your newest follower!

Unless Teaching

Heather said...

You’ve been tagged. Stop by my blog to check out the rules for this fun game!

Michelle said...

We use the clip chart system too, but your poster to go with it is adorable!! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by my blog this weekend! I hope you grabbed some freebies while there and/or entered in the new blog celebration giveaway!! I am also a follower of your adorable blog! Michelle

It's About Time, Teachers said...

Hi Andrea!
I'm your newest follower; thanks for finding me so I could find you. The binder is such a good idea. I read another blog recently in which the author keeps all of her files in binders, rather than in filing cabinets. Well, duh! How great is that idea??? Watch out Staples. Here I come!

Unknown said...

Thanks for following my blog and leaving me a link so I could follow you back. I really appreciate all of these resources here -- I'd never seen that eBook before! I also love the idea of having a dot manager keep a record of the day's events so you can notice trends and report to parents. I'll have to try that next year.

Thanks again,

Molly Maloy said...

Hi Andrea!!

I love your binder! What a wonderful idea! I have the kiddos check off homework, but I never thought about having them record where they landed on the clip chart at the end of the day! And I love the desk checks too! What a good reminder for them to stay organized daily! I will usually have them organize their desks when I notice they start getting really bad and then they look great for a few days, but inevitably they start getting messy again! This sounds like it would help with that! Thanks for the great ideas!

Lessons with Laughter

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I have stumbled across your fantastic blog. I love your binder, it is such a great idea! Your enthusiasm motivates me!

Runde's Room said...

What a fantastic blog! Thanks for stopping by mine so I could find yours. I LOVE your binder - and LOVE that you have so many fantastic student helpers!!!

Runde's Room

Andrea McEvoy said...

Thanks everyone for the kind comments and I am glad my little binder might inspire some others to use it!


Amanda McDonald said...

This is a great idea. We have recently been working on having class jobs to help students feel responsibility to the school! I love the dot idea. Thanks for sharing!
Mrs. McDonald's 4th Grade

Sal said...

Brilliant idea, Andrea! You've made me so inspired that I've just written a blog post about it on my education blog, LOSE THE CHALK -


Andrea McEvoy said...

Wow! Thank you Sally for such an honor!! You are too kind!


Unknown said...

That looks like a Tracee Orman frame that she has in a file of free clip art.

The Science Penguin

aliveandwellinWitt said...

This sounds so good. I have been reading a lot of research- conscious discipline especially- that really frowns on public humiliation of clip charts. (I used a similar method years ago).Anyone else feel a bit queasy about those?

cbahler said...

Thanks for sharing. I tried to open the ebook and was unable to do so. Got any other suggestions for finding this? Cyndi

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