Saturday, August 4, 2012

Easy D.I.Y. Hall Passes

So here's my take...

In the past I have purchased hall passes 
and usually within two years they are destroyed!

Sound familiar? 

I was inspired by a pin to create my own hall passes this year. They were easy, cheap, and fun to do! 

This pin came from Nicole at Crafty Soccer Mom! 
She is definitely crafty and gives easy directions to follow so you too can create Duct Tape Lanyards!

I was SUPER excited 
with how my DIY Hall Passes turned out! 
...and yes they were easy peasy to create! 

I already had the zebra lanyards (from Home Depot) before I found the pin but I did buy some zebra duct tape for when the store bought ones break! The badge protectors I found at staples and the "Assorted Findings" (actual name...weird I know!) I found at JoAnn's.

I love how they turned out 
so I just have to share!


Hop on over to my TpT Store to pick up your FREE copy!

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