Thursday, July 30, 2015

My nErD Camp Experience!

So here's my take…

If you haven't heard about nErD Camp yet, 
here is a little back ground…
Click to watch a video explaining nErD camp!
Now, that you are on board with what nErD camp is all about, 
let me tell you about my experience this past July 6-7!

It was awesome…to quote Colby Sharp, "It was the Bomb!" or Alaina Sharp (yes they are married and have crazy cute kids!), "It was Legendary!"

Since it is a FREE conference that meant I just had 
to secure travel from Virginia to Michigan!

I decided to grab my good teacher friend, 
4th Grade Teacher Michelle Holstine, 
from Montgomery County Maryland for this epic adventure!

We decided on a  ROAD TRIP!

Arrival to Day 1 was filled with excited anticipation! 

My wonderful coworker and fantabulous Librarian,
 Janie Banse joined our nErD Camp journey.

Before the opening speakers, there was a social time to get pumped up for the day! 

There were FREE giveaways (like a nErD camp water bottle), 

Raffle drawings to enter for original artwork
 from outstanding illustrators, 
a FREE photo booth, 

and Accessible Authors mingling around like,

Jennifer Holm (Baby Mouse, Squish), Lisa Graff (A Tangle of Knots), Donalyn Miller (Book Whisperer)!!!

… and so much more!!!

Also, don't forget to get your social media outlets 
ready for overload! 


FREE Photo Booth wearing my nErD Camp Gear!

We owned this moniker! #nErDcampMI
Selfie with Jennifer Holm author of Baby Mouse,
Squish,The Fourteenth Goldfish, and soon
to be released book, Sunny Side UP!

After our social hour, we all gathered
for the opening of Camp!

All the Keynote speakers were inspiring!

Ruth Ayres talked about instilling a 
"Bounce Back Spirit" in students. 
Click below to read more about it!

Click to find out more about Ruth Ayres

Now it was on to sessions! 

There were an array of topics to choose 
from to make everyone happy!

My favorite session from Day 1 was…
Mr. Shu's Best Books of 2015 and all time Favorites!

If you are not familiar with 
Mr. Shu's blog Watch.Connect.Read,
then make sure to start following! 

He is a passionate K-5 librarian 
who's passion for books is so contagious!

Click to go to Mr. Shu's Blog to
find out about his book recommendations!

Mr. Shu's favorite picture book of 2015…
A Fine Dessert by Emily Jenkins

It truly is a wonderful book that follows a family recipe through time periods.

Best part, of course the recipe is included! Yummy!

Michelle and I on Cloud 9 meeting the incredible Mr. Shu!

One reason that makes Mr. Shu so incredible…
he gives books away!!!!

Thanks Mr. Shu!!!

Right after Mr. Shu's session, 
Michelle and I rushed over to the 
Book Bug (onsite indy book retailer) 
to get some of the titles that Mr. Shu recommended. 

I'm sure you can imagine book obsessed teachers 
all trying to get the same limited amounts of books! 

Yeah…it wasn't too pretty, but Michelle and I held our own!

Can you believe that Day 1 isn't over yet! Now, on to the 5k Nerd Run for Literacy! All proceeds and donations go to the nErD Camp Junior that was held right after nErD Camp!

All Geared up and Ready to Run…
Hahaha…if you know anything about me and my knees,
you know I power walked!

Best time yet…47 minutes!!!

Starting Line…and my FREE
nErD Camp water bottle full of H2O!

Hot, Sweaty,& Happy!!!

What a day! There was also a 1st annual nErD Dinner Party, 
but we were unable to get tickets…sigh!

However, Las Tres Amigas still went out to celebrate!

There were two locations of Los Tres Amigos in 
nearby Jackson Michigan…and it was que bueno!!!

On to Day 2!!!

Make sure to get to Day 2 early
… NO, REALLY early because it is SWAG day!

nErD Camp gives away books, stickers, tote bags, 
posters, book marks, and more to the first 300 people! 

Thank you nErD camp! You made one nerdy girl giddy!

After the euphoria of the SWAG settles, it is back to the auditorium 
to kick off Day 2 as a group!

Colby Sharp one of the main coordinators of the conference gave us a 
short and sweet talk to pump us up (it really wasn't too hard to do!)

Colby also went over the raffle winners of the original artwork 
that illustrators had generously donated to the camp!

I about jumped out of my seat 
when I saw I had won a piece!!!

I feel sooooo lucky! I can't wait to have
it framed and hang it in my classroom!!!

 Now, if you have been wondering why nErD camp capitalizes 
the E and D in the word it is because 
Day 2 is ran as an ED Camp model or as an (un)conference.

Click here to read an Edutopia article
all about the Ed Camp model!

The rest of Day 2 was spent in various sessions inspired by those attending!

Michelle, Janie, and I went to sessions on
engaging writers, how one school
incorporated a Teach Like a Pirate Day,
open discussions with the authors and illustrators
who attended (very fun!), and lastly
how to start or participate
in "Literary March Madness"!

I'm planning some future posts based on the great ideas
I came away with from nErD camp!

It was sad when we left our last session! But, there are notes
on all the sessions located on the blog!

Thank you to the nErD camp crew who have already set the date for next year!

Don't miss out on this inspiring FREE PD
coming next July 11-12, 20

 Look on the nErD camp blog early in the year to register!

Michelle and I are planning on going!

Hope to see y'all there!

Happy Learning!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Erin Condren Teacher Planner Unboxing!

So here's my take…

I was so excited to see this box on my door step yesterday!

I love how Erin Condren puts so much thought into all aspects of her products!!!

Here is my unboxing…sooooo exciting!

Now, I have ordered from Erin Condren before and each time 
my box and tissue have been different colors! 

Blue and Yellow are my school's colors!!! 

I also love that when you open the box she always 
gives you some free stickers and postcards!

Here is a group view of my order! I am super excited 
for the new personalized file folders!!!

Front Cover
Back Cover

Awww… here is the teacher planner (sigh) 
that I've been waiting for!!! 

I decided to go with the ready to ship cover 
because I really liked the quote! 

Plus, I wanted to take my time making a 
personalized cover! 

I love that her covers are interchangeable! 

 Erin's Video Inside the Teacher Planner
Click My Pic for Erin Condren's Video
inside the Teacher Planner!

Some out there might think this planner is 
too expensive, but I did buy when Erin was offering 25% off! 

…But really, small things like a "pretty" planner 
truly make me smile at work…and that is priceless!

Happy Learning!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Classroom Moving & Planning!

So here's my take…

For the past two years, I took a position as a Learning Specialist to work with students that had Dyslexia, other Learning Difficulties, and also as a Math Enrichment teacher. 

I LOVE my new school 
I work at and for the chance I had to grow my teaching practice in this new role, 
but something was missing.

The position had its rewarding components, however through this experience I learned that my professional home where my passion for teaching comes alive is in a classroom!

I missed having a community of students who were "mine".

Therefore, my news I want to blog about has me on cloud 9!

Next year I will be heading back in the classroom!!!

 I will be teaching 4th grade…again!  

I am SUPER excited!!!

I spent the first week of summer just moving my stuff to my new room. 

Now comes the fun part…
Turing it into a learning environment that 
both the kids and I will be happy in!

View from my desk…I decided on the table group setting, but the rest is a blank canvas!

View from the door…I can't wait to start mapping out where anchor charts will go!

Need to contact facilities and get my maps back up! I teach Va. Studies!

I can't wait to post in August for my classroom reveal!

Once I found out I would be moving into a classroom position for the next year, 

I hit Pinterest

Click to see what I have found so far!!!

I was drawn to everything NEON! I already know that I will be going with this theme! 

Tune in next month when I reveal my new bright classroom!!!

Did I mention that I'm SUPER excited? :)

Happy Learning!!!

PS…Now you can start to follow me on Bloglovin!!!

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