Thursday, July 23, 2015

Erin Condren Teacher Planner Unboxing!

So here's my take…

I was so excited to see this box on my door step yesterday!

I love how Erin Condren puts so much thought into all aspects of her products!!!

Here is my unboxing…sooooo exciting!

Now, I have ordered from Erin Condren before and each time 
my box and tissue have been different colors! 

Blue and Yellow are my school's colors!!! 

I also love that when you open the box she always 
gives you some free stickers and postcards!

Here is a group view of my order! I am super excited 
for the new personalized file folders!!!

Front Cover
Back Cover

Awww… here is the teacher planner (sigh) 
that I've been waiting for!!! 

I decided to go with the ready to ship cover 
because I really liked the quote! 

Plus, I wanted to take my time making a 
personalized cover! 

I love that her covers are interchangeable! 

 Erin's Video Inside the Teacher Planner
Click My Pic for Erin Condren's Video
inside the Teacher Planner!

Some out there might think this planner is 
too expensive, but I did buy when Erin was offering 25% off! 

…But really, small things like a "pretty" planner 
truly make me smile at work…and that is priceless!

Happy Learning!!!


Kelly Hall said...

Bought mine in May...Jealous that I didn't get the new designs!!! I agree that her planner is worth every penny!!!

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