Thursday, July 16, 2015

Classroom Moving & Planning!

So here's my take…

For the past two years, I took a position as a Learning Specialist to work with students that had Dyslexia, other Learning Difficulties, and also as a Math Enrichment teacher. 

I LOVE my new school 
I work at and for the chance I had to grow my teaching practice in this new role, 
but something was missing.

The position had its rewarding components, however through this experience I learned that my professional home where my passion for teaching comes alive is in a classroom!

I missed having a community of students who were "mine".

Therefore, my news I want to blog about has me on cloud 9!

Next year I will be heading back in the classroom!!!

 I will be teaching 4th grade…again!  

I am SUPER excited!!!

I spent the first week of summer just moving my stuff to my new room. 

Now comes the fun part…
Turing it into a learning environment that 
both the kids and I will be happy in!

View from my desk…I decided on the table group setting, but the rest is a blank canvas!

View from the door…I can't wait to start mapping out where anchor charts will go!

Need to contact facilities and get my maps back up! I teach Va. Studies!

I can't wait to post in August for my classroom reveal!

Once I found out I would be moving into a classroom position for the next year, 

I hit Pinterest

Click to see what I have found so far!!!

I was drawn to everything NEON! I already know that I will be going with this theme! 

Tune in next month when I reveal my new bright classroom!!!

Did I mention that I'm SUPER excited? :)

Happy Learning!!!

PS…Now you can start to follow me on Bloglovin!!!


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