Sunday, October 18, 2015

Reaching Readers with Bookopolis

So here's my take…

Bookopolis claims to ignite a love of reading for children. As a teacher I am thrilled to say this site delivers on its claims and a whole lot more! If you have not heard about what Bookopolis can do you for you and your students, then make sure to read my post! I can't believe I just found out about this site this year!

For all the benefits this site has to offer, the best is it is FREE! When you sign up for Bookopolis you will be prompted to create a group for your class. You will choose a login in name and password for your students and they get to choose a personal avatar when they sign in. 

Once your class is set up, students can start adding book titles to their main page. Students can also find other friends on the site so they can recommend books to each other. Each time students finish reading a book, they can write a review. They really like this part because they love to give star ratings!

I love how students have a voice and can interact with each other with book recommendations! Another feature I treasure is the Reading Log! No longer do I need to check agenda's every morning looking for parent signatures to confirm students did their nightly reading! My students click on the Reading Log tab and record their nightly reading! This one feature has helped me greatly this year! I love how I have an on going record that I can access at any time to see where my students are with their independent reading.

Okay, who likes free books for their classroom? If you said yes, then this is another reason to sign up for Bookopolis!!! There is another affiliate company called Kids Rate Books. You can sign up your class to write reviews for specific books. When you first sign up, they will send you 3 free books. Once five students from your class have submitted a review, your class will receive another free book! LOVE IT!

As you can see, Bookopolis has a lot to offer you and your students! For me, it has personally made checking reading logs more efficient and a pleasure. I have a lot more quick conferences with students on what they are reading because it is so easy to access compared to carrying around 20 journals! Give it a try and if you have any questions, the Mayor of Bookopolis is there to assist you!


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