Saturday, April 20, 2013

Word Study, Organization, & Walmart!

So here's my take...

Don't you just love when you are shopping and something you didn't intend to buy jumps out at you? Your teacher brain says, "Score! I can totally use that in my classroom". Well, I was shopping at Walmart today and I scored two things to use in my classroom! 

My 1st find were these super cute flyswatters! I love how they say SPLAT! on them. 
I immediately thought about using them for Word Study. I decided I could use them to spice up a speed sort game. 

 I created this recording sheet for the game... I am aptly calling it Splat!

Click Here for a Copy!

Partners will spread out each others words. When the words are set up then students will race each other to see who can swat their words and record them first.  If any words are illegible or misspelled then 2 seconds will be taken off. The quickest time is the winner and is crowned Bug Buster!

My 2nd awesome find at Walmart...

I have seen the "grading bag" idea floating around Pinterest/Blogs for awhile but I hadn't found the right bag for me until today!!!

I also found the open portable 
file holders at Walmart. 
I bought two... the first is for papers that need grading and the second is for papers that need to be filed.

Now all I have to do is start grading those papers that are inside!

What a great shopping trip! If you have any flyswatter activities...
I would love if you would share below!

Happy Learning!


Kelly Hall said...

I love your Wal-Mart swatters...I will have to take a trip today! TFS

Debbie said...

I write words on a vinyl shower curtain and lay it on the floor. I split the students into 2 lines and I stand at the far end. The first student from each line must swat the correct word. The first one gets a point for their team. I use antonyms, synonyms, etc. I have a bunch of shower curtains!


Andrea McEvoy said...

Thanks Deb for the flyswatter idea! I love it!!! This might be a lot of fun to help with test prep too!

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