Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gold Star Pinner

So here's my take...

It has been about a month since I wrote a post. This past month has been so crazy and hectic that I came to the realization that I just couldn't do it all! 

I was stressing myself out because I couldn't keep up with blogging like some of my favorite bloggers out there. I finally had a conversation with myself and told is okay! 

My goal is once a week to create a blog post but I am putting it out there...don't get upset at me if it becomes once a month!

Well...onto my post for today!

One of my favorite bloggers/pinners out there is Rachel Lynette from Minds in Bloom! She is creating a Gold Star Pinner database of some incredible pinners!

Even though I haven't kept up the blogging this past month, I have kept up my pinning! I have about 2,000 pins with almost 900 followers and growing! Most of my boards and pins are geared to teaching ideas ranging from 2nd to 6th grade. 

I absolutely love Pinterest and am so grateful to other pinners and their awesome ideas! I get inspired all the time! 

If you stop by my blog and there hasn't been a post in awhile, please hop on over to my Pinterest Boards because I am sure you will find some inspiring ideas!

Happy Pinning!


merlen hogg said...

Hi Andrea,
keep spirit. success you.


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