Saturday, March 10, 2012

Using Music to Engage Students

So here's my take...on the use of Music & Video to teach a math concept.

     My class finished our long division unit three weeks ago, but I still have a group that hasn't caught onto the steps.

    While I was pinning this week, I found Mr. Duey! He is a middle school teacher who raps instruction!

     I first came across his song/video of improper fractions. The song was catchy and Mr. Duey was quite a believable entertainer! Of course I pinned that video because I will be teaching improper fractions in a few weeks!

   I then went over to the Mr. Duey website and found a video for long division. I was so excited because I had a feeling that these students might really connect with the song and be more engaged when having to solve the problems. I pinned it right away!

     I played Mr. Duey's Long Division lesson all week during homeroom when the students were completing their problems! Sure enough, the students were completely engaged. It was so cute to hear some of them sing the song to themselves as they completed their work!

Thank you Mr. Duey!!!

    Do you have a lesson where music is a key component to your instruction, student's engagement, and understanding? If so, I would love if you would share in the comments below!


Kelly Hall said...

I love the videos! We are working on long division too!

Erin Franklin said...

I teach 1st, so no long division. However, I use all kinds of videos in my teaching. I especially love Vowel Bat to teach the vowels. In the past, this is something that my students have had such a hard time with, but this year I played the video three times and all of my students could tell me what letter were vowels- AMAZING!
I have an award for you on my blog!!!! Come over and check it out. I'm also having a giveaway right now! =)
First with Franklin

Andrea McEvoy said...

@ Erin, Vowel Bat sounds it a program or a type of video? I still have word study groups in Within Word (Long Vowel) patterns...maybe these videos could help! Thanks for the suggestion!!!

Erin Franklin said...

It's a video on YouTube. Super cute and to the tune of the Batman song. My firsties LOVE it!

luckeyfrog said...

Someone in my team found a reference book song that told the uses of a dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, and atlas. The kids loved it, and on out next unit test I could hear some of them singing it under their breath!

I really like your blog, and I'm excited to start following you for some upper grade ideas!


Sam said...

Mr. Duey seems amazing! I discovered flocabulary this summer! You might want to check that out. It puts reading, math, science, and social studies skills to music. My kids are in LOVE with it! We are hooked on the multiplication raps.

Ms. Morton said...

Hi. I love incorporating music into my lessons. It makes it that much more fun! I am your newest follower. Come and visit my blog when you have a chance.


Andrea McEvoy said...

@Sam...I will definitely have to look into flocabulary! I have never heard of it before! Thanks!!!

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