Sunday, March 4, 2012

Classroom Library on a Budget

So here's my take...on Building a Classroom Library

     I know there are lots of ways to find books to supply your library for free or cheap. Scholastic book orders, ebay, and donations are to name a few. Today, I want to offer my take on your local used bookstore! 

     Google used bookstore and see what your search comes up with. Get out there and check it out! If you are a book eater like myself you could spend more than half the day in a place like this! Which, this is my favorite used bookstore haunt!!

Located in Manassas Va.

This is what I call heaven!

3 Reasons Why I Love the Used Bookstore...

1. The Price is Right! Yup, can't argue spending 65 cents per book! Most books seem to be in like new condition! On this trip I found more books for my favorite author collection of Dan Gutman!!! (Really, every book in this pic. is 65 cents!!! I only spent $10!)

2. Out of print or hard to find books pop up in these stores! Haven't you come across a book you would like to use as a mentor text but are sad to find that it is no longer in print? Many times I have giggled with delight in the store because I found a book I had been searching for!

3. Multiple a cheap price! This reason encompasses the first two but cannot be overlooked. I am a fan of Beth Newingham's Reading Partnerships and so I pick up as many copies of a great book as I can!

Bonus reason:
     I totally enjoy the process, walking in with hope and leaving giddy with new found treasures that I can't wait to take back to my class! 

     On a recent trip to McKay's Used Bookstore, I took my daughter (pictured left) with her bestie (who's mom is a teacher too!). Afterwards we walked across the parking lot to a Starbucks to have a snack. While I was getting our drinks and snacks I saw the most heart warming sight! Those two girls without any prodding from me were lost in their treasures! They couldn't understand why I was taking their pictures and about crying at the same time! It was a great Mommy/Teacher moment!!!


Heather said...

You know how much I love this store! Thanks for taking me there.

Lou said...

Hey Andrea! Your post popped up on someone else's blog and when I saw the title, I just had to pop over. I am a self-diagnosed addict to used bookstores. I have been known to hop from one thrift shop to the next and make an entire day of it. Sounds silly i know, but hey, books are invaluable resource in our classrooms. I am your newest follower:)

Pencils with Pizzazz

Andrea McEvoy said...

Thanks Lou! It is not silly to have an addiction to used books...I wouldn't have blogged about it if I wasn't one myself!!!

Courtney said...

HI Andrea! I just stumbled upon your blog and after reading your post about building your class library on a budget...I had to become your newest follower!! I'm totally with you on building that library on a budget..I'm addicted to buying books for my library! Unfortunately, I've yet to find a good, cheap used bookstore here in Hawaii BUT I have discovered a love for garage sailing for books!! I get books anywhere from 25-50 cents. I head into the wealthier areas because the books are in brand new condition and dirt cheap (think they jus want to get rid of clutter) :) Usually when they find out I'm a teacher they add in a few extra books.

Stop on by when you have a chance..think I may just go garage sailing this weekend :) Thanks for the inspiration!!

Teaching in Paradise

Heather said...

Cute, free border alert:

Andrea McEvoy said...

Thanks Courtney! I am so envious of where you teach! The name of your blog is perfect and I am hopping on over to see it!!! You seem very resourceful when it comes to building a garage sales are fun too! @Heather... thanks for the border alert, I will have to check it out!

Mrs. Plum said...

Ah! I love that store! Have you been to Second & Charles yet? I nearly had a stroke when I saw their children's section!

There's No Place Like Second Grade

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