Thursday, August 6, 2015

Made it Monday, but Posting Thursday!

So here's my take…

Lucky me doesn't have to report back until August 31st, 
so I am busy creating things for my classroom! 

I wanted a subway art sign for all to see when they enter my classroom. 

I found the right saying, but not the right design for me, 
so of course I had to make my own!

I love the bright colors and the dots!

As soon as I made it I had to put it up! 

Love it! 

I will have the poster in my TpT store if you would like one for your room. 

It measures 11X17. 

I uploaded the poster to staples and had them print and laminate it for me!

If you are a TpT buyer, I hope y'all took advantage of 
the Back to School sale they just had. 

My Virginia Teacher Blogger friends and I took the pic below and 
TpT used it on their FB page! So cool!!!

Click to my TpT Store to get the Poster

Happy Learning!!!


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