Saturday, March 9, 2013

Before a Close Read...Use THIEVES!

So here's my take...

I have a great group of students this year. However, one of my challenges is that more than 75% of my classroom reads below grade level. Beginning this year I knew that I would need to incorporate more reading instruction in my content areas.

My research
up 2 great resources!

I am in Va and we don't follow the Common Core (yet!) but I have noticed that this standard (CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.4.10) has caused confusion & concern for many of you. These two books explain and show you how to address this standard.

I highly recommend reading both these books! I especially found Sunday Cummins book, Close Reading of Informational Texts especially helpful in how to explicitly teach students to read complex informational texts.

In Ch. 5 of her book, Cummins takes you step by step through teaching students to strategically preview text prior to a close read. Using the mnemonic THIEVES helps students to activate their background knowledge and prepares
 them to make in-depth predictions.

Cummins recommends having groups work together to preview the text, which helps support readers at every level! I found that my students were more focused, confident, & ready to do a close read with the text because they had used THIEVES beforehand. 

Click Here for a Copy
Click Here for a Copy

THIEVES is a great way to set the purpose for reading!

While doing my research, I also came across an EXCELLENT video that modeled a close read. Not only did it model close reading but how to seamlessly incorporate & use Learning Targets (which I love too!). 


Lastly, I started a Pin Board to collect resources & more ideas 
on Close Reading & Text Complexity. 

Click Here to Visit the Pin Board

If you happen to have ideas or resources on the subject, I would love to hear from you!

Happy Learning!


Lindsay Topolewski said...

I thought this was's video clips like that that put me on a high of teaching and doing things in my own classroom. Awesome ideas and so many things to take from it to try out myself! Thanks for the share!

Anonymous said...

Your research is inspiring! Thanks for recommending my book - I'm always glad to hear that teachers who work with striving readers are finding it helpful. I'm going to link your blog to mine and let my subscribers know about the other resources you've recommended.

Andrea McEvoy said...

Wow! Thank you Sunday for writing about my post on your blog! I am truly honored!


Suhana shaly said...

Oh goodness I cannot wait for this book. It's going to be EPIC. I Looooooveeeeee this series. And I am all over more Ronan. I wonder what that redish swirl on his chest me
Clippinh factory india

Molly said...

Andrea! I am reading that Text Complexity book right now! And I just finished my master's program and Doug Fisher was one of our teachers! He taught a couple of our classes and presented for a day of our reading conference and he is absolutely amazing! All of the books that he and Nancy wrote are so well-written and easy to apply to the classroom! Hope you are doing well! :)


Molly said...

PS, Love the thieves handouts!! Can't wait to use them in my classroom!

Mary said...

Wow! This was so interesting. I am not a teacher, but an author trying to understand how my books might be helpful to teachers. So I learned a lot about reading informational texts from your post and the video. You all work so hard!

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